About us


FORWARD GROUP is an international company designing and producing  the drill rigs. The mission of the company is to provide high-quality drilling equipment and related services.

FORWARD GROUP mainly produces:

  • Coring Rig
  • Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
  • Multifunctional Slanted Drill Rig
  • Multifunction Top Drive Drill Rig
  • Mini Piling Rig
  • Coring Drill Rig
  • Water Well Drill Rig
  • Auxiliary drill tools and spare parts

The company pays a lot of attention to the technical innovations and products development. We have design and engineering teams in Germany, Australia, Russia and China.


  • High Quality Drilling Equipment
  • Full Technical Support and Service
  • Spare parts, Drill Tools and Consumable Materials
  • Training and Consulting Services
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Product name

Coring rig


A modern core drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core drills used use industrial diamond grit as the abrasive material and may be electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic powered. Core drills are commonly water cooled, and the water also carries away the fine waste as a slurry.

Core drills are used frequently in mineral exploration where the coring may be several hundred to several thousand feet in length. The core samples are recovered and examined by geologists for mineral percentages and stratigraphic contact points. This gives exploration companies the information necessary to begin or abandon mining operations in a particular area.

Core drills come with several power choices including electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic (all of which require power sources, such as a generator).

HDD Technology


In our time of explosive city growth, extension and building of industrial enterprises and technology development, laying the new and reconstruction of old worn-out underground pipelines has great value.

Currently the difficulty of works on engineering communications building, using trenching method in urban areas under the roads, railway lines, water bodies and other obstacles, is connected with large financial expenses, inconvenience for surroundings and ecological losses. In some cases building of communications using the traditional trenches methods is impossible.

Alternative solution of this problem is trenchless technology. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – is a relatively new but rapidly developing construction technology, which allows building of underground pipelines without excavation of soil, based on the use of special drilling rigs.


Top Drive Rig


The top drive rig from FORWARD are designed for safety, reliability, and productivity with products to serve all of your drilling needs. We has a rich history in the top drive rig.

We product the complete line of hydraulic top-head drive drilling rigs, designed for water well drilling and other applications requiring air or mud rotary as well as down-the-hole hammer drilling methods.

FORWARD's top drive rig provides ample power and versatility to reach target drilling depths in all types for soil conditions and rock formations. Additionally, our rigs are highly mobile, capable of reaching the most remote locations.